1. Does the BMP platform support rolling enrollments?

Yes. You define each enrollment period, which may be successive, and include:

  • Enrollment id.
  • Effective date.
  • Enrollment period dates.
  • Payment date
  • EDI date
  • Eligibility criteria, and more.

2. Can enrollments contain individual pay and self pay options?

Yes. Payment options may be enabled and configured per enrollment site. Payment routing and transfer schedules for carriers, benefit providers, and other entities are configured per case.

3. Can enrollments contain products from multiple carriers?

Absolutely. The BMP platform is very flexible, and allows simultaneous inclusion of products including:

  • Custom built
  • Maintained by a supported carrier through BMP’s product library
  • Provided by a carrier through a supported integration such as Colonial’s Harmony system.

4. What enrollment exports are available?

We have worked with several carriers to develop product exports that meet their data sharing and format requirements. In addition to carrier specific exports, there are ad-hoc query exports available for employee and enrollment data.

5. Can the enrollment site match my client’s website?

For all intents and purposes, yes. Enrollment sites are based on templates which can be highly configured to match the branding of your client’s online presence.

6. How do I enter and update employee/members into the enrollment system?

There are a variety of ways to work with employee/member data including:

  • Census import (supports thousands of entries per import file).
  • Census import can be used to facilitate changes, and additions.
  • Applicants may self register based on enrollment permissions and settings.
  • Individual record updates and additions via the platform administrator.

7. Is it practical to support small cases with the BMP platform?

Of course! Unlike other enrollment systems which either don’t accept “small” cases, or have prohibitive setup fees, enrollment sites on the BMP platform can be setup without any custom development fees. Each BMP account supports multiple enrollment sites managed through the same administrative portal.

8. Can products be restricted to particular states or employer groups?

Yes. Each product may include restrictions which will limit the inclusion of the product to states, and or employer groups that you define. Additionally, products can be configured to only be available if a requisite product has been enrolled.

9. Do enrollment sites support self registration?

Yes. Self registration, and other case rules can be enabled and configured as required per enrollment site.

10. Can enrollment activity be tracked by agent?

Yes. All enrollment and benefits management activity is linked to the assisting agent, which allows for reporting and administration of agent activity.

In case you haven’t found the answer to your question please feel free to contact us, our customer support will be happy to help you.